John Grasso's Background
John Grasso was raised in a middle-class Italian family where he was taught hard work and giving back to the community are what make and build character. He started out at age 12 with his first paper route and grew from there to eventually run and operate his own successful businesses. He learned to overcome obstacles by thinking outside the box, hearing other people’s ideas, and working tirelessly to achieve the goals he had set. John sense of community and giving back has driven him to help people not only in his community but abroad as well. John knew that with his life and business experiences, he could help even more people. In 2010, John was elected to serve District 2 as their county councilman. In he was elected by the council members to be their chairman due to his leadership abilities.
Today, John is asking you to believe in him again to be your next County Executive.


Commitment to clean waterways: put fountains in the Marley and Furnace Creek in order aerating creeks and stop the fish and crab kills. John covered the $30,000.00 with his personal salary as a county councilman. • Revitalization: put in legislation giving homeowners who bought a $350,000 house in AACO and rehabbed or rebuilt the house incentives. Permits are free and 5-year tax credit amounting to the difference between the old tax bill and the new bill after improvements.

Work abroad: In 2010-2014 went to Ghana and helped Gan tribe to bring water to their community also came up with out of the box ideas to make salt mining more efficient. The tribe uses the sale for both consumptions as well as oil mining. Also worked with Ministry of education in Africa to provide necessary resources to schools for children in Africa.

Commitment to support business: Put in legislation stating that if a business operates successfully without issue in a nonconforming use for 20 years, the county cannot shut that bus down. The business can also be passed down to siblings carrying the same protections. Put in legislation creating a new business with a zoning change in AACO for doggie day care to allow people to operate their business at their home.

Economic Revitalization Efforts: In, 2010 John says the economy and the limited resources the county had to get projects done. He worked with Ran’s transport pulled water artesian wells here in the county, Sure Goods on the Eastern Shore bottled it, Maryland Blind Industries made the labels, and he began selling the water. He used personal funds from his councilman salary to start it and when money came in, the profit was donated back to communities.

Commitment to Community: John has a little rescue of his own providing homeless animals the care they need. He also helps those in active addiction by going to the grocery store and bringing them food. John provides housing to low-income families and people who need a second chance that other landlords will not give them.

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